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GBA and Its VBM Video Files, Enjoy Game and Enjoy Video

"Wow, now I can watch vbm game records on my computer and keep my GBA on hands to play at the same time. It is wonderful!" more >>

Have you heard of GBA? When asked this question, people might say no, but if we mentioned 3DS, you then will sure know it. For a game lover, Nintendo is a very famous company which has developed many video games that you can take them in pocket and play it everywhere.

gba vbm video file

When playing games, some users tend to view the stage clear video first and later to play the game. Such videos users find or record have its own type, which named “.vbm”, it is the movie capture format of Visual Boy Advance.

VBM file format videos are not support by many usual video players, if users want to view this kind of video files on other platforms they have to find a specific video player. Or users should only watch them on GBA. However, there are many shortages of watching VBM files on GBA that it could not be paused as well as dragged and dropped.

How to Open GBA VBM Video Files?

In order to open GBA VBM video files, we here have two choices:

Now let’s see the details.

>>Open VBM Files with A Compatible Player

Basically, this VBM video file is only support by VBA-ReRecording, which is also developed by Nintendo. The primary function of this re-recording branch is to expand related to the creation to Tool-assisted movies.

But if you want a player which also allows you to paly other types of video, you can have a look at 5KPlayer, which can be the top one video player which is designated as a video player all format. It can play MP4, AVI, MKV videos on PC/Mac without installing external codes.


>>Convert VBM Files to Other Usual Video Types

If you choose to convert VBM files into usual video types, here we recommend you to have a try by using Video Converter Genius, a professional video converter to convert videos files easily and fast from one format to another. Besides, it can dramatically speed up video conversion and instantly convert videos to 100+ formats.

During the process you are also allowed to edit your videos, video converter genius has “Trim”, “Crop”, “Watermark”, “Subtitle” and more features prepared for you.

That’s all about what is GBA VBM files and how to open it on other platforms. If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to connect us, we will always provide the best solutions.

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GBA and Its VBM Video Files, Enjoy Game and Enjoy Video