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YouTube Videos Won't Load/Play? Possible Causes and Fixes

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YouTube has been an extremely part of our entertainment life, where we like to upload and load our favorite videos. Have you ever had the YouTube videos won't load/play problems? Did you have to give up the videos or music files you like finally? No worries. Here are the most effective solutions to solve YouTube videos won't load/play problem.

"YouTube videos won't load/play in any browser on my computer! I use YouTube a lot and since yesterday I have not been able to load and play videos on my iPhone and iPad, where I get an error message saying "Video playback error tap to retry." Any idea? Help! "

"This issue has been driving me nuts. YouTube is not working fine for me when I try to load videos from it. Attempting to download videos, it still doesn't help, either - Please help."

It is believed that there are quite a lot of common YouTube errors happening every day and many of the users are getting confused of how to fix YouTube videos not playing on mac or windows. Please keep going on to get clear the guides to remove this annoyance.

The Common Problems of YouTube Videos Loading/Playing

Now the normal YouTube errors that you might encounter will be listed below firstly.

Do you also encounter the familiar problems as mentioned above? These are actually not serious problems. To solve YouTube won't play any videos or won't load videos, here are the details about the possible causes and fixes for various issues.

What is Possible Causes and Fixes?

1. Poor Internet Connection:

Generally, the internet connection is the first thing you should think of if you have the problems about computers. Sometimes poor internet connection will cause the unsuccessful loading or playing videos.

How to fix:

Go to remove any other working-background applications that may be resulting in the speed of the Web and try to change the video quality to a lower quality requirement.

2. Browser Cache:

The cumulated "browser cache" can be another possible cause if YouTube won't load/play videos. You should clear out the temporary internet files to see if this works to solve YouTube bug.

How to fix:

Take Google chrome as an example: Press Ctrl+H >> Clear browser data >> Tick the target junk files >> Confirm the deletion >> Cache removed

3. Adobe Flash Player:

Do you install an Adobe flash player in your Windows or Mac desktop/laptop? Some of the YouTube videos will require you to have Adobe Flash Player installed to load and play videos in any browser.

How to fix:

Try to install a flash player or update your existed one into the latest version.

4. Firewalls:

YouTube doesn't work, what to do? You can take steps to turn off the antivirus or firewall or any other security toll installed in your computer that will possibly block the YouTube working well.

How to fix:

Go to the security program to check whether they stop the YouTube working and flag the YouTube as a virus attack. You have to make sure the YouTube is recognized as an authorized websites by the antivirus software in your computer.

5. YouTube Can't Support Aging Devices:

Many of the users complain YouTube stops working in their iPhone/iPad/Android device. In fact, several aging devices will be not able to be supported if you want to use to load or play videos.

How to fix:

All you need to do to solve this problem is to upgrade your devices.

When you try on the aforementioned 5 ways, can you enjoy the YouTube videos now? If still fails, you should pay attention to the format incompatibility. Here is the recommendation for you — Video Converter Genius, which can convert the format to see if the videos can load or play on your iOS or Android device.

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