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How to Improve & Enhance the Video Quality in iMovie

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Summary: iMovie is great video editor which allows you making your own stylish movies by providing thousands of render options. If the videos we have are cheap quality, there is a way to improve the quality in iMovie; Some people reported that there is quality loss after exporting from iMovie. Today I am going to tell you how to handle iMovie bad video quality and enhance video quality in iMovie (11/10/9 included).

How to Adjust iMovie Video Quality (Colors, Brightness, Contrast, and Other Image Qualities)

iMovie contains a number of tools to let you improve the image quality of any video clip or photo you've added to a project, including levels of black and white, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation and so forth.

If you change your mind, you can click Revert to Original to undo all changes you've made. Click Done when you achieve the effect you want.

How to Export iMovie Videos in HD Quality

If you created an iMovie project and everything is fine, but the video image get pixilated and blocked after exporting. You may be setting converting it to a low resolution format like MPEG-1 or low bit rate. Here are some tips to export a high quality video.

In this article we share some tips and tricks to improve video quality in iMovie 9/10/11. You can get more iMovie useful tips to make your videos sparkle here.

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