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3 Ways to Upload Videos/Music to Facebook

"These tips are really great! My friends and I keep in touch with each other using Facebook, and we have been a part of each other's lives through the videos, pictures we share, even though we are not in the same city." more >>

"How can I upload HD videos on Facebook form my Samsung Note 3?"

"When I try to post a text on Facebook, it works perfectly. Adding a picture or video doesn't! What shall I do?"

Whether you would like to share a long video you shot on your camera or a short clip of some happy moments taken by smartphone, whether you are using Facebook in desktop browser or on your iPhone, this post can meet your need, explaining 3 different ways to upload videos to Facebook to share with friends.

Part 1: How to Upload Videos on Facebook from Computer

If you are using Facebook using desktop and want to post a video from your computer, you need to first of all get your video onto the computer from your camera. The best format to upload your video is in MP4, but various other formats are also supported. If you face a compatibility issue when uploading, Video Converter Genius can help you to solve it within seconds.

Part 2: How to Add a Video to Facebook from Phone (iPhone/ Android)

If you have a habit of recording some videos using your phones anytime, you may need to know more about uploading video to Facebook from your phone.

Part 3: How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook

Uploading a video to YouTube and then sharing from YouTube to Facebook will greatly increase your video exposure and save a lot of time as well. Then how can you achieve that, the following is details.

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3 Ways to Upload Videos/Music to Facebook