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3 Free YouTube Video Makers You May not Miss

"These tools really help me a lot. I can never imagine it can be so easy to make a video and then upload to YouTube!" more >>

Making a video for uploading to YouTube is a good way to share our happiness and creative thoughts with worldwide audience. Is it difficult to create a YouTube video for free? If you get a versatile free YouTube video maker, it can be fun and easy. This post shares 3 best free video makers for YouTube. Keep reading to know more about them and how to make YouTube videos online for free. Wanna edit your YouTube video and make it more professional? VTools for Mac from Adoreshare can offer a lot of help.

Top 3 Free YouTube Video Creators

1). Windows Movie Maker

free youtube video maker

Windows Movie Maker is video editing software, capable of creating fresh videos by Microsoft. It allows users to combine photos and videos, add transitions and effects, and then upload to YouTube.

Pros: It is possibly the simplest and funniest way to combine your video clips into a presentable digital movie.

Cons: No contrast or saturation adjustments. Effects aren't adjustable.

How to make a YouTube video:

2). YouTube Video Editor

video maker for youtube free

YouTube not only serves as a video sharing site, but also helps you turn your raw footage into finished pieces. The YouTube video editor makes it easy to edit and remix your YouTube videos.

Pros: The editing process is very fast and the program itself is user-friendly.

Cons: If you are editing something near the end of your video, it will constantly jump to the beginning, which is very frustrating. It doesn't look like you can shorten music clips.

How to make a YouTube video without charge:

3). One True Media

free youtube video maker online

One True Media is a popular free online video making for YouTube. It has been perfectly integrated to the YouTube site. With One True Media, you can easily clip video and combine it with photos, transitions, effects, text. After you are done, you can share your videos on various sites like YouTube, Facebook.

Pros: Styles let users create a personalized video with less editing. Interface is ideal for users of any skill level.

Cons: 100MB/month video size, and 3 songs for free account.

How to make a YouTube video for free:

After you finish creating a YouTube video, you can then upload to YouTube instantly. And if have any other free YouTube video maker in your mind, please feel free to make a comment below.

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