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How to Unblock Youku on iPad outside China in 2018

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I want to watch a video on Youku, but I fail to that because I am not in Mainland China. What can I do?

youku only streamed within mainland china

Youku is one of the most popular video websites in Mainland China, providing high-quality video resource and a wide platform for communicating and sharing. But when people try to watch Youku outside China, they often see the above interface and become frustrated.

Now don’t let the problem keep you down. In this post, we will introduce 2 ways to unblock Youku outside China.

Method 1: Change DNS Server

Method 2: Modify HTTP Proxy

Method 1: Change DNS Server

One feasible workaround is to change DNS (Domain Name System) server. Follow the steps below to see how to access Youku outside China on iPad.

1. Connect iPad to your prefer WiFi first and click ⓘ to enter Advanced Settings.

 enter advanced settings

2. Type in a new address as “DNS” and turn “HTTP PROXY” to “Off”. We have gathered several DNS servers for you:

After that, click “Wi-Fi” to bring the modification into effect.

change dns server

To check whether you have changed DNS server successfully, visit in the browser. If you get “fault”, then chooseanother DNS server and repeat above operation until you get “true” back.

Method 2: Modify HTTP Proxy

In this way, you need to utilize Pac (Proxy auto-config) to watch Youku out of China.

1. Turn on “Wi-Fi” and connect your iPad to network. Then choose “Auto” under “HTTP PROXY”

2. Input address of Pac to “URL”.You can choose from one of the following 3 Pac:

3. Tap on Renew Lease and leave this page.

modify http proxy

As mentioned in method 1, you can use a browser to access to see whether you have modified HTTP proxy with success. If it doesn’t respond “true”, just be patient and select new Pac to try more than once.
Finally, just a side note, if you have already tried all the Pac but still get “fault”, change DNS server to and check again.

With the 2 methods above, you can view Youku videos outside China at ease. In addition, if you want to download videos from YouTube and other popular websites for offline viewing, I would like to recommend a free and powerful software called TubePaw to you. Give it a try and I believe you will be able to enjoy your loved videos freely.

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How to Unblock Youku on iPad outside China in 2018