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How to Convert Video Clip to MP4 on Windows/Mac (Yosemite Included)

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As the most widely-used video format, many people will choose to convert videos to MP4 for more convenience in enjoying them on portable devices. Under this circumstance, a reliable MP4 converter will make things easier.

Video Converter Genius is the best program that you can try. It supports to convert 100+ video/audio formats. Now let's take a glance at this program and how to use it to convert files to MP4.

1. The Best MP4 Converter Program to Convert Videos from/to MP4 - Adoreshare Video Converter Genius

2. How to Convert File to MP4 with Adoreshare Video Converter Genius

It is very easy for the performance of Video Converter Genius in changing video formats, such as to convert .avi to .mp4, convert YouTube to MP4, convert videos from MOV to MP4, and convert WMV files to MP4. Only three steps are needed.

Note: Following guide is based on Adoreshare Video Converter Genius for Mac. If you need to change videos files formats on Windows, you have to download Windows version of this software and follow the steps below. The operation of these two versions is the same.

For more steps or customized settings about how to change video format to MP4 (other videos are included as well) on Mac OS X, please click here to read the detailed guide on how to change videos format with Adoreshare Video Converter Genius.

This article is about how to change videos to MP4 on Windows and Mac. If you need to transfer .mp4 video to other formats, read about how to convert videos from MP4 to AVI/MOV/WMV/MP3 for more details.

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