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How to Convert Protected M4B to MP3 on Mac and Windows

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When you import an .m4b audiobook into your MP3 player to listen to, you will find that the MP3 player can't read it. Actually, you'll need a professional M4B to MP3 converter to convert an .m4b file to .mp3, a widely-accepted audio format by most MP3 players, if you want to listen to M4B audiobooks on your MP3 Player. Do you know why?

convert m4b to mp3 mac

Why People Need to Convert iTunes M4B to MP3?

"I'm looking for a free program that allows me to convert audiobooks, so that I may be able to put them on my mp3 player. Is there a trusted program that allows me to do this?"

People want to convert iTunes M4B audio books to MP3 format mainly because M4B audiobooks are usually downloaded from iTunes Store and protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM. They can only be played on authorized computers using iTunes other Apple devices.

Don't worry. The following part introduces the details about converting M4B to MP3.

How to Convert iTunes Audiobooks M4B to MP3?

To convert M4B to MP3 iTunes, you can choose to use freeware, online service or specific M4B to MP3 converter to change your .m4b files into .mp3 format. From my own perspective, I would rather M4V Converter Genius, a specialized program to remove DRM copy protection and convert media including M4P, M4V, Audible to MP3 format.

This DRM converter is capable of transferring M4B audiobooks to MP3 files on Mac OS Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and lower and Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and even Windows 10. The conversion can be achieved within minutes, and the original audio quality will be preserved intactly.

Free download M4V Converter Genius and install it on your computer.

Above screenshots are taken from M4V Converter Genius Windows version. If you want to convert M4B to MP3 Mac, you just need to download its Mac version (M4V Converter Genius for Mac) and follow its guide to proceed.

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