How to Use DVD Creator for Mac

How to Use DVD Creator for Mac

Adoreshare DVD Creator for Mac is a comprehensive DVD burner for Mac users to convert and burn videos to DVDs easily from popular videos like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, MPG, MPEG, etc. Thus you can watch them on TV using any home DVD player. Below is a detailed guide about how to burn video files to DVD on Mac with Adoreshare DVD Creator for Mac.

First download and install DVD Creator for Mac on your computer. Then run this software and select Create a New Project to create a new DVD from your videos or choose Open an Existing Project to continue making the project that haven't been finished last time.

how to create dvd on mac

Note: Insert a blank DVD disc to the DVD drive if you want to burn to DVD Disk. And if your Mac does not have a DVD drive, you need to connect a third party DVD drive via USB plug-in.

Part 1. Import Video or Photos to the Program

Click on Add Files button and go to the folder where your videos are stored to add the files for conversion. Or you can just drag files to the program. You can add multiple files and burn them simultaneously using the batch conversion feature.

how to create dvd iso on mac

Part 2: Edit Video before Burning to DVD (optional)

You can trim and crop the video files, add watermarks and rotate before burning the videos to DVD on Mac OS X. Highlight a file and click " edit " to enter the edit interface.

how to burn video to dvd on mac

1. Trim a Video

Click on "Trim" and set the "Start" and "End" time, you can preview video effects on output preview window.

how to convert mp4 to dvd on mac

2. Crop a Video

Select "Crop" and from original preview box you can crop video edges by dragging dotted lines. The output effects can be previewed in real-time from the right box. On the crop pane, you can select an output aspect ratio and the available options are: Keep Original, full screen, 16:9 and 4:3.

how to convert mkv to dvd on mac

3. Add a Watermark on a Video

Select "Watermark" and here you can add either a text watermark or an images watermark for your video. You are allowed to adjust watermark position and size by dragging and dropping. For text watermark, you can customize text font, color and transparent.

how to convert .m4v to dvd on mac

4. Rotate a Video

Select "Rotate" and Click the button "-90° CCW" or "+90° CW" to turn your video left or right respectively. You also can horizontally and vertically flip your video.

how to convert .m4v to dvd on mac

Part 3: Customize DVD Menu (optional)

To customize your DVD Menu, just choose a DVD menu style and click on the menu button button to expand the menu interface.

how to convert videos to dvd on mac

Choose a suitable menu style for your DVD, and then double click it to do some further editing on the menu, like menu style, frame, button, text, background music/picture, and so on.

how to edit videos on mac

1. Add background music/picture: Click on the setting button (like a wheel gear) and then drag video/audio file to the program as the background music or drag picture as the background image of the current page. (Making sure you don't highlight any title thumbnail before you click the setting button.)

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2. Customize thumbnail: Highlight the title thumbnail and click on the setting button. Now you can drag the scroll bar next to "Movie" to choose a frame in the movie as the title thumbnail picture or check the option "Still image" and drag your favorite picture to the box as your title thumbnail (tap "Delete" on your keyboard to remove the picture you drag if you need). Drag the scroll bar next to "Size", you can adjust the size of the frame.

convert .mp4 files to dvd on mac

Part 4: Start to Burn DVD

Now you can start to burn DVD. Choose an output option from DVD Disc, ISO file, DVD Folder (Video_TS) and DVDMedia file and then choose the right output option and set proper output parameters located at the right side of "Burn" button. Finally click "Burn" and give your new DVD a name. Click Save to start burning your files.

Note: You can also save your project file and import it later for further editing or burning if you do not want to burn your files immediately.

burn videos to dvd on mac

That's all for how to use DVD Creator for Mac to burn various videos to DVD disk on Mac. After the burning process take out your DVD and you can watch them on TV using home DVD player anytime you want.

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