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How to Burn Videos with SRT/SUB Subtitles to DVD on Mac

"This DVD burner is excellent. It helps burn my favorite movie with subtitle in a few steps!" more >>

How to Burn DVD with .srt Subs?

"I am having difficulties burning some dramas with (.srt) subtitle. When I am watching them from my laptop it has a sub, but when I start burning them and watch them on TV, it disappears. Anyone knows how to insert subtitle, and burn them afterwards without making it disappear. Thanks in advance."

If you meet the same trouble as the above-mentioned user, namely: you fail to burn videos with .srt or .sub files to DVD for playback, you should spend a few minutes reading the content below and find a solution.

1. How to Directly Burn MP4/AVI/MOV/FLV etc. Videos with Subtitles on Mac

If you have already got videos with subtitles at hand, it's pretty easy for you to convert it to DVD. With a DVD burner for Mac, how to burn DVD on Mac is no longer a problem. Download the DVD Creator for Mac from the download button below. It fully supports OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 etc.

2. How to Add Subtitles to .srt/.sub Subtitles to a Video and Burn It to DVD on Mac

Sometimes, the situation is that you have a video, which doesn't have subtitles. You want to watch it in DVD player with subtitles to make you better understand it. Therefore, you need to embed the SRT or SUB subtitle files inside the video, and then convert and burn the video to DVD. Just follow the instructions below on how to burn videos to DVD with subtitles.

1) Add subtitles to a video.

Since your video don't have a subtitle, add one to it yourself. We have a post specializing in how to insert subtitles to a video. You can get some instructions in it.

Note: some users respond that adding the SRT subtitle files in no problem, what seems to be a huge problem is where to get the .srt files in the first place. Don't worry, we will show you top 5 sites to download subtitles.

2) Burn videos to DVD.

When you have successfully added subtitle files to your video, you can use the DVD Creator for Mac shown in part 1 to the convert videos with SRT or SUB files to DVD.

More Info: Top 5 Websites to Download Movie Subtitles

There are many websites that offer movie subtitles download. Here we list the top 10 sites.

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