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The Best .VBM Video Editor

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Before start a video game, some players prefer to check out the stage clear video and then turn to play it. Such a video players find and record, we usually named it as “.VBM”.

Technically, .VBM file is the backup metadata file which is responsible for providing information on the backup job. But there are a lot of users reported that they cannot open their .VBM videos and other format files on computer due to the lack of a suitable video players that supports .VBM among those that are installed on computer.

A very simple solution to fix this problem is to find and download an appropriate video editor program to edit the .VBM files, Adoreshare Video Converter Genius can meet your carvings, now let’s take a quick look at some popular features and capabilities.

Top Features of Video Converter Genius

Adoreshare Video converter Genius is a powerful yet easy to use .VBM video editing program. Apart from .VBM files, Which aims to edit video files with all common and uncommon video formats including avi, wmv,mpv,divx and many more.

Now follow the detailed guide below to learn how to use Adoreshare Video Converter Genius to edit your .VBM videos.

How to Edit .VBM Videos with Video Converter Genius?

First of all, please download and install Video Converter Genius on your computer, after download and installation, run Adoreshare Video Converter.

Step 1.Click the Add button to import your .vbm video to the program. We suggest you to simply drag the video to the program.


Step 2. Once the video has been added, click on “Edit” button ext to the video, you will get a pop-up window playing the video.


Here you are also allowed to trim or crop video, add watermark, add subtitle, extract audio and rename video based on your needs.

Step 3: If you want to convert the video format to a widely supported one, head over to the "Convert to" list at the bottom of the window to choose a target output format.


Extra Tip: Open VBM Files with A Compatible Player

The .VBM videos are only supported by VBA-ReRecording (another product developed by Nintendo) which primary function of this re-recording branch is to expand related to the creation to Tool-assisted movies. So, you can try to use this video player to open your .vbm files.

vba rr

If you are a Mac user, then you can select the Adoreshare Video Converter Genius for Mac to convert and edit your .VBM video files, which is as powerful as the windows one. And I’m sure you’d be surprised with its built-in great features, just give it a free try.

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