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Easy Way to Increase WhatsApp Video Size Limit 2017

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“Why can’t I send large videos on WhatsApp? I recorded a family video on the vacation and want to share with my friends. When I open it in WhatsApp, it says the video is large than 16MB and unable to send file. What can I do?”

As one of the most popular communicating applications, WhatsApp not only functions in communicating, but also offers an easy way to share videos, pictures, music and other files with friends. However, it could be annoying when you try to send a large video but failed due to the WhatsApp video size limit. As the maximum size of the sharing file is 16MB, many movies and videos clips cannot be sent successfully in WhatsApp. In this article, we’ll tell you how to remove WhatsApp video limit on iPhone and Android phones.

How to Send Large Video Files on WhatsApp?

Basically we cannot send large videos on WhatsApp directly, but with the third-part tool Dropbox, we can easily share large video files via WhatsApp on both iPhone and Android devices.

Note: If you want to cut large bunch of movies, videos and camera recordings into small piece files for sharing, we highly recommend you to try Quick Video Cutter, an easy tool to cut any format videos and quickly output without quality loss.

Now you must know how to increase video size limit on WhatsApp and send large files clearly. If you have other questions like convert WhatsApp video formats or cut video clips, do not hesitate to visit our website for inquiry.

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Easy Way to Increase WhatsApp Video Size Limit 2017