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How Do I Convert M4V Video Files to MOV on Mac/Windows

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how to convert m4v to mov

If you want to convert M4V to MOV, you have to verify whether this .m4v file is copy protected. For M4V files without copy protection on Mac, you can use QuickTime to convert M4V to MOV free. However, for DRM-protected .m4v files (that is, videos purchased or rented from iTunes), you have to use DRM removal software to remove the DRM and then convert to MOV or other formats you want.

Then let's start to explain these two ways to make an M4V file into an MOV file in details.

Solution 1. Convert DRM M4V to MOV with DRM Media Converter

Like I have said, to convert an iTunes-bought M4V file into an MOV file is not easy originally. However, with the help of DRM media converter (Adoreshare M4V Converter Genius), you can achieve it without any effort.

Compared with QuickTime, this DRM media converter is more versatile. It supports to remove DRM protection and convert M4V to other common video/audio formats on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, etc. What's more, it is continually updated to convert all DRM-ed movies, songs, TV shows, audiobooks purchased from iTunes, Zune MarketPlace, BBC iPlayer, Amazon, uTorrent, etc. Besides, it can also convert DRM-free M4V to MOV.

The performance of this software is very easy as well. Below are the detailed steps.

Solution 2. Convert Files from M4V to MOV Using QuickTime

QuickTime is equipped with the function to export M4V videos to MOV. With it, you can convert M4V to MOV free. However, this way is only feasible to DRM-free M4V files. For copy-protected M4V movies or other videos, return Solution 1.

Then you can play the converted movies on the devices or media player that support MOV files.

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