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4 Steps to Add Background Music to iMovie

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Background music plays an extremely role in making a video (such as a wedding video or a video aiming at encouraging people) more vivid and touching. iMovie is a great option to achieve this goal. In this article we mainly talk about how to add background music in iMovie.

Detailed Tutorial on Adding Background Music to iMovie

Below is a detailed guide on how to add background music to iMovie.

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Step 1. Open "Music and Sound Effects" browser

Open your iMovie project, and you need to open "Music and Sound Effects" option. You have two ways to finish this: Choose Windows and then Music and Sound Effects; or click "Music and Sound Effects" button in the iMovie toolbar.

add background music to imovie

Step 2. Find wanted background music

After clicking on "Music and Sound Effects" button, a music menu will pop up. You have four folders to find your wanted audio file: iMovie Sound Effects, iLife Sound Effects, GarageBand and iTunes. Open the folder with your targeted music file, and scroll down to find the music item.

how to add background music in imovie

Step 3. Add background sound

After finding the music you want to add as background sound, it's time to add audio to videos in iMovie. Click on targeted sound. Hold and drag it to your project, making sure you don't drag it over a clip. When you see the green Add (+) symbol, you can release the mouse button. The music begins at the start of your project and ends with your video.

adding backgrpound music to imovie

If the added song is longer than your video, a music indicator appears above the last element in the Project browser.

add audio to imovie project

If the music doesn't cover you're the entire video, you can add more music by dragging it to background music well of your project. iMovie will automatically add a one-second cross-fade between the clips where they meet.

Step 4. Adjust background music

Now you can adjust and edit the background music. Choose the background music clip and click the Action menu (like a gear) in the upper-left corner. "Clip Trimmer", "Clip Adjustments" and "Audio Adjustments" are available. You can customize your iMovie background music such as trimming, adjusting the volume and set audio fade in and out effects, etc.

add background music to imovie project

When all of these steps are finished, adding background music in iMovie has been finished as well.

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4 Steps to Add Background Music to iMovie