Adoreshare CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter)

How to Use CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter)

Adoreshare CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter) offers a quite simple way to cut videos and remove unwanted/blank/mistaken parts from them. It supports all video formats, such as AVI, DV, FLV, F4V, MKV, MOV, MPG, MP4, MPEG, M4V, RM, RMVB, TS, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, etc. and the output video will keep the original format and quality.

First, download and install Adoreshare CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter).

how to cut video clips

The following guide will give a detailed tutorial on how to cut videos with Adoreshare CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter).

Step 1. Import Videos Which You Want to Trim

Launch the program after installation, click Open File button to add the video you want to cut. Or you can just drag video file to the program.

how to trim and cut videos

Step 2. Cut Videos As You Want

After you load the video to this program, you can preview it. There are two cut buttons that you can drag and drop to cut the video. Drag the left button to set the begin cutting position, and drag the right button to set the end cutting position.

cut out mistaken or unwanted parts of the video

Step 3. Output the Trimmed Video

The content between the two cut buttons (the beginning and end of the cut position) are what you need, please click CUTTER button and your video will be trimmed successfully. If you want to cut a different part from the original video, just drag and drop the cut buttons again to the position you need.

how to cut an unwanted part of video

Tips: You can even change the output mode in Setting menu on top-right of this software.

In Custom mode, you can customize the output file type, soundtrack, aspect ratio and output path. The cutting video duration is in free style, which is decided by yourself.

how to cut video parts

In Fixed mode, you are able to select the fixed trim time, output file type, soundtrack, aspect ratio and output path. The cutting video duration is fixed, which is based on Fixed Trim Time.

how to cut video parts

Here is a table shows the relation between File Type and Aspect Ratio. For example, if you select YouTube and 4:3, the output video will be with 1024 lateral resolution and 768 longitudinal resolution.

Default WhatsApp Facebook YouTube
Original original original original original
16:9 1280*720 426*240 1280*720 1280*720
4:3 1024*768 640*480 1024*768 1024*768

That's all for Adoreshare CutoMe(Quick Video Cutter). Now just download it and trim the video as you want!

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