Adoreshare VTools for Mac

How to Use Adoreshare VTools for Mac?

Adoreshare VTools for Mac is a professional all-round video tool on Mac, which combines 5 great features: video download, convert, burn, transfer and manage. It's a must-have tool for multimedia lovers, offering perfect solutions to all kinds of video and audio problems.

Download Online Videos

Convert Videos and DVDs to Other Formats

Burn DVDs

Manage and Transfer Videos and Audios

Note: To switch between different functions of Adoreshare VTools for Mac, you can directly choose from the menu bar.

menu bar

How to Manage and Transfer Videos on Mac

The manage and transfer feature of Adoreshare VTools for Mac is designed to organize all video and audio files on your Mac computer, and Transfer them among computer, iTunes and portable devices with ease, which can be achieved with "Library" and "Transfer" on the menu bar.

Manage Videos and Audios:

Note: Select "Library" on the menu to start using this feature.

1). Find and load all videos and audios on Mac to the program: Click on search button to search and load video files on your computer. Or, you can click add button button to add videos to the program automatically.

how to manage videos

2). Put all videos and audios in Mac in a certain arrangement: After all files are listed in the program, you can click arrange button to arrange these videos and audios in an ascending or descending order by name, data, type, size and etc. as you want.

how to organize videos mac

3). Display or delete videos and audios: Highlight a video and you can play it using the in-built media player. If you don't want it any more, delete it and it will disappear both from the list and your computer.

how to manage files on mac

4). Display and manage all files like a Mac file manager: Click computer button and you will see all file folders saved in your computer.

how to organize videos on mac

Transfer Videos and Audios:

Note: Select "Transfer" on the menu to start using this feature.

Step 1: Click "Add Files" to load all videos and audios to the program.

how to transfer videos to itunes

Step 2: Start to transfer files to iTunes and portable devices.

Click "To iTunes" to transfer all iTunes supported files to iTunes simultaneously.

Click "To Devices" to transfer videos compatible with your portable devices to watch on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone anywhere on the go.

When you connect your iOS device to computer, you can also import videos in your iOS device to computer for further preservation or enjoyment.

how to transfer videos to device mac

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