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Best 10 Website to Download 4K Movies Free Online

Nowadays most of the people like watching 4K movies on their big-screen HD TVs. 4K movies are preferred since they look incredible and deliver excellent clarity and detail. Due to this high quality of video in 4K movies, several users are looking to download these 4K movies for free from different sources.

Once you have done that, you can also convert it to the video format you want. This article will first talk about the different sources from where you can download free 4K movies, and then the way to convert into different video file formats will also be discussed. Read ahead to know more.

Part 1: Best 10 Websites to Download and Watch 4K Movies Free Online
Part 2: How to Convert 4K Movies to any Format without Losing Quality

Part 1: Best 10 Websites to Download and Watch 4K Movies Free Online

1. Netflix 4K

Netflix was probably the first-ever site to introduce 4K video streaming and download. It features a huge range of movies and series from multiple languages. Also, it has a whole different section of Netflix Originals featuring interesting content. All this can be viewed and downloaded at a particular price from Netflix.

netflix 4k

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video is a site where Ultra HD 4K videos are available for streaming. This site offers this service at a set price range. It has an incredible collection of 4K content that can be streamed online from anywhere easily. There is a separate Ultra HD section on Amazon Prime Video, which can be accessed for streaming high-quality 4K movies and series.

amazon prime video

3. Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV Google Play Movies & TV is a well-known source in the digital world. This does not limit to only providing 4K movie content, but it also features several games and apps as well, which can prove to be pretty useful in our day to day life. You can pick from an array of 4K movies and TV series available at this portal for download. They also feature the "Reviews" section using which you can select the best 4K movie.

google play movies and tv

4. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular 4K movie streaming sites available online. It is one of the best places to find all the popular series and movies in 4K easily. You can download 4K movies free as well as the paid 4K movies from YouTube according to your preference. This is undoubtedly one of the best sites to access 4K content online.

youtube 4k

5. DirecTV

One of the notable new arrivals in the field of 4K streaming is DirecTV. Although it does not feature a library full of movies and videos, all the content present is in high-quality 4K. They keep adding new content regularly. It also offers several gaming arenas that conduct tournaments and events on a regular basis.

directv 4k

6. Hulu

Hulu is another online streaming site, which offers a decent collection of 4K movies and other 4K content. It launched recently in 2016, and this is why the amount of content available on this site is still on the lower side. However, you can find a decent amount of 4K content available on this site, including Hulu originals.

hulu 4k

7. Fandangonow

NFandangonow is an incredible source from where high-quality 4K movies can be downloaded. It can be considered to be the pioneer provider of ultimate 4K movies for download. From movies to nature scenes, it has a variety of content that will satisfy every type of viewer. All these contents are available to be downloaded in 4K.

fandango now

8. Vudu

Netflix is somewhat similar to Amazon Prime Video. It is basically an online store that offers plenty of TV shows and movies in 4K. You do not have to pay to view the 4K content on Vudu as there is absolutely no subscription for it. From the Vudu's UHD collection, you can browse and pick the 4K movie to download.

vudu 4k

9. Lyca TV

From Lyca TV, you can download good quality 4K videos from the Bollywood industry. It features several TV channels that run in multiple languages. You can access all Indian movies and other video content in 4K from here. From the Movie Gallery in Lyca, you can use the search bar to look for the 4K movie you wish to download.

lyca tv

10. UltraFlix

This is a slightly new site where the streaming of the content is done only in 4K. This site claims to offer the largest library in the world of 4K VOD content. You can also access the free-three hours of content on this site, which include several movies, documentaries, and series. If you want a lot of 4K movie content, UltraFix must be checked out by you.

ultraflix 4k

11. is the best site you should not miss if you want to download movies. It is the free tool to download movie in 720P. With the support of mutiple formats of the movie files, you can choose the format you need freely. Downloading movies is just so easy like that, not to mention its download speeds are really, really fast.

download4 cc

Part 2: How to Convert 4K Movies to any Format without Losing Quality

4K movies are known for the high quality of the content it features. Once you like something on any of the above-mentioned sites, you can download it to watch it at your own convenience later on in any other format you like without losing out on the quality of the content. You can do this with the help of Adoreshare Video Converter Genius in the following way.

Step 1: Once you install the software, open it, and select "Add" to pick the video file which you wish to convert.

add file

Step 2: If you wish to edit the file, you can click on "Edit".

edit video

Step 3: From the section of "Convert to", pick the format in which you want the video file.

convert to 4K

Step 4: Choose the location where the file needs to be stored and then click on "Convert".

specify location

This is how easy it is to convert video format using this tool without losing out on the 4K video quality.


You no longer have to think about where can I watch free 4K movies. These are some of the best websites to download 4K movies free. You can also stream 4K high-quality content on these sites. Some of the mentioned sites are free, while some charge a substantial amount to offer this service. Once you have the 4K video, if you wish to convert the video format without making any changes to the quality of the video, you can use Adoreshare Video Converter Genius, which is a highly recommended tool for this purpose.

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